Matylda Natter - Nowak

Matylda Natter - Nowak


Company: I Advice Real Estate Solutions

I am a business consultant with experience in logistics and commercial real estate markets. I am a highly experienced negotiator, advisor and sales expert, licenced property manager. I am the authorised agent of the British developer, The Resort Group, a company offering investment properties with guaranteed incomes in Cape Verde, I am also the agent of Adma Development a project in Rzeszów.


I have practical knowledge in negotiations as well as complex business relationships. I believe that the most beneficial business relationships are those which combine excellent client satisfaction with first rate financial results. I do this by understanding my markets requirements and aligning these with their business objectives and desired results.


I have a deep experience of working within the commercial real estate market and working in collaboration with retailers and investors. My foremost focus is on achieving your business success and client satisfaction.


I work on a tailored basis working towards achieving a good understanding of your objectives and goals. This is done by having a thorough understanding of your business and your long term goals and objectives achieved through my deep strategic knowledge in the retail sector.